A Custom Transformational Program To Help You
Lose Weight, Rid Your Body Of Pain, Fit Clothes Better, Feel Your Best Ever!

"This isn't a diet. It's a lifestyle and the kickstart to get us on the path to wellness!"

"...thankful to be out of the yo-yo dieting cycle and in a healthy and safe lifestyle"

"Kicked caffeine & my sugar cravings have been minimized. Daughter now joins me in Rev Up!"

Combined they have helped Rev Up Rockstars lose over 1441.5 lbs of weight and 
886.5 of inches in less than a year.




Transform Your Body in Just 10 Days: Shed Belly Fat & Embrace a Pain-Free Life!
Join the Rev Up Wellness Program and Experience the Joy of a Lighter, More Vibrant You.


Holly Cope - Lost 24lbs and 9in with 11 rounds of Rev Up
  • I LUV the Community of Rev Uppers and the sharing of recipes and encouragement.
  • I LUV how my body shows me what foods I tolerate well and which ones causes issues for me.
  • I LUV the Coaches tips & tricks

Kristin Herndon  - Past Struggles: Type II Diabetic
  • Now a recovered Diabetic!
  • Love exercising
  • Have met my goal weight. Love the community and Rev Up Coaches. Both are phenomenal!



Many coaching programs offer a weekly check-in, but we go a step further by everyday, several times a day. Our top priority is to ensure you achieve the best results possible.


Weight loss is a puzzle and the scale isn't the only measure of health. To achieve lasting results, you must know what you don't know. For instance, were you aware that a night of poor sleep might cause your weight to temporarily rise? This is attributed to water retention. The Rev Up Program provides education leading to answers and healthy habits. 


Incorporating supplements and nutrition into your weight loss journey plays a pivotal role in ensuring your body receives the essential nutrients it needs. We use our secret weapon that helps release toxins, boost metabolism, supporting your overall health. 
Its a game-changer!


Our exclusive 10-Day Success Tips are thoughtfully crafted to guide you through your Rev Up journey, ensuring you remain focused, motivated, and on track to achieving your goals. These tips offer practical advice, from setting daily intentions to staying hydrated and finding moments for mindfulness, all designed to enhance your experience. Whether it's navigating cravings, optimizing your workouts, or maintaining a positive mindset. With these insights, you're not just following a program; you're embracing a transformation that nurtures both body and mind, paving the way to lasting success.


Our program simplifies your weight loss journey by incorporating portion control containers, which effectively eliminate the need for tedious calorie counting and complex nutritional calculations. These containers are designed to ensure you consume the perfect balance of macros and nutrients in every meal, tailored to support your weight loss goals. By taking the guesswork out of portion sizes, you can focus more on enjoying your food and less on the numbers, making your path to a healthier lifestyle both straightforward and stress-free.


Lack access to a gym? Not an issue. Own a unique home-gym setup? Fantastic. Don't have any equipment at all? Still great. Our Coaches recommendations are compatible with even the  most packed schedules.  If you love your current routine, great stick with it. If you feel intimidated by exercise, don't worry there are solutions for you too. 

Our "Secret Weapon" Supplement That We Use
Ningxia Red is our Top Tier Supplement that we use during our Rev Up round. 
Packed with powerful antioxidants and superfoods, NingXia Red features wolfberry, plum, aronia, cherry, blueberry, and pomegranate juices and extracts to start your day off right. 

  • Clinically shown to: 
    • Provide energy support without caffeine* 
    • Increase physical energy levels significantly while reducing physical limitations* 
    • Support whole-body health and wellness* 
    • Improve sleep patterns, increasing time asleep* 
    • Reduce daily stress significantly to improve mental well-being* 
  • Helps prevent oxidative stress* 
  • Provides a nutrient infusion for whole-body support* 
  • Contains a synergistic blend of Orange, Tangerine, Lemon, and Yuzu premium essential oils* 
  • Contains powerful ingredients that are involved in many antioxidant processes* 
  • Supports normal eye health* 
  • Supports healthy digestion* 
 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Young Living products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

This supplement is a game-changer. We use this in a very specific way throughout our 10 Day Rev Up Program. It has changed so many of our clients lives. Even after they are done with the 10-Day Round they continue with the supplement. 

3 Options of Supplements To Choose From:
These three choices are globally endorsed by health experts due to their effective outcomes and the inclusion of purely natural ingredients! You can select the most suitable option based on your specific needs.
Basic Supplement*


Protein Pack

*not required

Gut & Protein Pack

*not required but recommended!


#1: Below there's a Registration Form you have to fill out. This is to take note of who you are, where you are, what you want to accomplish while in the Rev Up Program. 

#2: Once you submit the form you will be taken to a Check Out Page where you will be able to pay for your Rev Up 10 Day Round. Its a discounted price from $97 to $47. 

#3: Now you're in the Program! 
You will then be receiving an email so you can pick and choose which option of Supplements you want to commit to in the Rev Up Round. If you don't have a Young Living Account you will be given a link to purchase your supplements. To be clear, they only supplement required is our Game Changer supplement. But as you will see there are other options to take full advantage of the supplements throughout the program. You get to decide.  

#4: You will then have access to documents, guides, pdfs, etc and a link to our Private Group. 

  • Feeling drained...
  • Insecure...
  • Dissatisfied with your physical appearance...
  • And, critically, at an increased risk for heart disease, cancer, and various significant health issues.
  • "I've attempted it all, yet nothing seems effective for me."
  • "With a full-time job, three kids, and a side business, I simply lack the time."
  • "The overwhelming amount of information leaves me uncertain about the right steps to take..."

What Other Rev Up Rockstars Are Saying:


How Do I Know Rev Up A Good Fit For Me?

This program is ideal for you if:
  • Your schedule is tight, yet you aspire to become fit and strong.
  • You seek a natural remedy to address your health challenges.
  • You're fed up with temporary dieting fixes and desire a lifestyle-oriented method for managing your meals and nutrition.
  • You've been battling weight issues for a long time and are in search of a lasting transformation.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Question - Why Choose Rev Up over a traditional in-person trainer? ​
#1: Tailored Nutrition Guidance: Our clients seek us out with a variety of objectives:
  • They aim to shed unwanted fat.
  • They wish to build strength.
  • They aspire to enhance their overall health in every aspect.
  • They want to look great, move better, and feel better.
Such ambitions cannot be realized without a specific nutrition strategy. While in-person trainers might not provide a personalized food and dietary plan, our Rev Up program does exactly that. Success in weight loss and strength gains is heavily reliant on proper nutrition, something our program prioritizes.

#2: Continuous Accountability: Interaction with an in-person trainer often concludes at the end of a gym session. Contrastingly, our Rev Up Coaches maintain constant communication inside our Private Group offering support. Additionally, you'll receive the daily motivation required to keep you steadfast on your path.

Question - How much exercise time is required?
Answer - 
Our programs are tailor-made to align with your daily routine, availability, and way of life.

For some, moving your body 30-minute exercise sessions throughout the Rev Up Round. For others, their schedules allow for multiple 45-minute workouts. 

Question - Is it necessary to buy or use supplements?
Answer - Not at all. While we recommend a few options for best results, such as enzymes, protein powder, or vitality essential oils, and of course our "Secret Weapon" none of these are mandatory for achieving success. We will say this, for best results, we recommend the supplements for Rev Up. They are there for good reason!
Question - What kind of equipment should I have?
Answer - While having equipment is suggested, it's not a necessity. You are still fully eligible for the program and its guarantee without it.

Question - How many days is the program?
Answer - Rev Up features a 10-day duration for each Challenge, with a new challenge taking place every month. Our Coaches are also available 3 days prior to the Round to help you prepare. Several of our clients have participated in multiple rounds, while some have joined us for every round since the inception of the program. The number of rounds you decide to undertake is entirely your choice. 

Complete This Form For Our Rev Up Program Today:

What are your weight loss goals? Do you have a target weight?*
What are your current health struggles?*
Please tell us who referred you to Rev Up. Write their name or names below.*
What are you looking to improve in your health and wellness? *
How much weight do you want to lose or gain?*
What is your biggest motivation to lose weight/get healthy?*
What kinds of diets have you tried in the past?*
Where do you struggle the most with food?*
If you are currently exercising, tell us what you do.
Do you have a current Young Living customer, distributor, or Brand Partner membership? NOTE: There is only one product we require for our 10 Day Rev Up and others we highly suggest. The product has helped thousands of our clients with their energy, cravings, focus, sleep, and weight loss journey.*
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THERE ARE THREE LEVELS OF PARTICIPATION (YOU get to choose YOUR level of participation) GOOD: Ningxia Red Kit (REQUIRED) This is the very basic of what you will need to be able to do this program. BETTER: NingXia Red Kit + Essentialzymes-4 This is the better option if you currently aren't eating very much protein. I also use this when I am hungry and want to munch on everything in sight while *
Do you have your Good, Better or Best selection*
DISCLAMER #1 I agree that: By purchasing these products and participating in the Rev Up program, that the coaches are not liable for any potential damages incurred. They are not doctors, the wellness program is simply meant to guide you to eat well. Any statements made have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and not meant to treat, diagnose or cure you.*
DISCLAIMER #2 I agree that: This plan in its entirety, all guides, and journals as well as instructional videos are the intellectual property of Starr Health, LLC. Any sharing with outside parties, defined as any person not in the “Rev Up Wellness” Facebook Group, is prohibited without express written permission.*

How your purchase Makes a Difference

Rev Up Wellness is a proud sponsor of Ugandan Orphan Childcare Ministries Empowerment Generation Campus Project in Jinja, Uganda.
10% of every Rev Up Wellness program purchase will be donated to this project. A portion of all Rev Up apparel goes towards the Empowered Generation Campus Project and our POUNDS for a PURPOSE program. Our goal for 2024 is to raise over $10,000.