Body By Design

I'm here to help you wherever you are.  
You've tried every diet, every gimmick, the easy, the hard...
You know all the things to do, but you start and stop, lose and gain... 

You've settled with where you are and feel like it's just who you are.... 
but deep down, you still have dreams.

I've been there.  

LISTEN TO ME:  You can do this!  
You're just missing a few key pieces.
I'm right here to walk with you, to help you find who you were designed to be.

You will not regret this.
Choose Your Journey
Get a feel for what I offer or jump right in. 

Daily Discovery with Jen

Looking for a place to just see what I do and get inspired on the daily?

See snippets of what I do to maintain and continue my own health journey from fitness to food, rest and recovery, and balancing health with real life.  Participate in fun challenges and get motivational tips and participate in a live monthly Mastermind where I share a gold nugget for your journey.  

Here's what you get:
  • Access to all past Masterminds with Jen
  • 1 new live Mastermind with Q&A
  • Interviews with Rev Up and Body By Design program participants
  • The Private Facebook Community
  • Recipe ideas that you can test and win drawing prizes for your feedback
  • Opportunities to test my new coaching programs for seriously discounted prices

10 Day Rev Up

  • 4 Coaches who released 45 - 100 lbs each
  • 500+ participants in 2023
  • Of those who reported their results, 1225 lbs released, 775.9 inches gone!
Sick of unhealthy weight loss programs??  Buy this frankinfood, use that pharmaceutical meth, give yourself these hormone injections, smoke another of those, workout like a mad woman, pump in the chemicals, screw up your metabolism, lose your hair... ENOUGH!  

No more trading unhealthy habits for more unhealthy habits! Yeesh!! 
There has to be a way to 
  • move as our bodies we were meant to move. 
  • be a way to lose weight by eating normal, healthy food! 
  • create a healthy lifestyle that I could live with for the rest of my life. 
ENTER the 10 Day Rev Up!

In 10 days, you will drop out inflammation, lose inches and pounds, learn mindset, food, water, and fitness habits... and have so much fun winning prizes and celebrating wins with a community of other like minded men and women!   
90 Day Transformation

If you continue your current path, how will you feel in 5 years, 10 years, 20.... will there be a 20 years?  It's time to pivot and completely transform your journey.  I'll walk alongside you daily to help you to restore belief in yourself and embrace that dream that you almost gave up on.  It's not out of reach.  Let's get it back!

You have two options here:
Option 1: Group Coaching
Join me, another coach, and a small group of women that have gone through what you have and are ready to make a change!  You will bond with others, celebrate each others wins, and arrive at a place together where you never thought you could. 

Option 2: One on One Coaching
You've been in hiding for so long, isolated yourself from everyone and you're just not ready to join a small group.  You need targeted coaching to help you get out of the bog.  I hear you.  I've been there.  This is the option for you.

Tell me about yourself and let's get started!
Jen Strickland
Wellness Coach, LSH, CRTS
Hi! I'm Jen Strickland.  I have worked in the wellness realm since 1998, but only recently did I finally discover all of the missing keys to weight loss and how to get the permanent change I was seeking. 

In 2020, I started applying what I was learning to my own journey.  I succeeded for a while, then failed again. I felt like it was some mystery that I couldn't figure out.  Then I found the final missing key and everything turned around for me.  These keys are not taught all together in the weight loss industry.  

I started at 225 lbs and yes, I experienced all of the emotions that went with the weight.  I released 83 lbs  in one year and I have successfully helped several women to lose weight and change their mindsets with a 100% success rate.  I have a deep desire to help other women find out that there is much more to life than feeling stuck.

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